Quarantine Time Script

Are you tired of sitting at home wondering how many days you’ve been choosing to quarantine like a responsible adult? Me too! The number of times I’ve been in conversations or working on posts for blogs or social media and thought, “Wait, how long have I been at home now?” followed by wasting time doing… Continue reading Quarantine Time Script

Creating a JWT in the Groovy Programming Language

On Friday I found myself in a new situation. I was working with APIs for a new service my company has started using, but their setup was a bit more involved than what I’ve typically experienced. Accessing many services via their REST API requires you to follow a few steps to generate an application ID… Continue reading Creating a JWT in the Groovy Programming Language

Self-Hosting A Static Website

Earlier this week a friend reached out to me regarding a website. He had just finished developing his very first iOS game and was ready to submit it to Apple for approval. One of Apple’s myriad requirements, though, is a website containing the author’s privacy policy. My friend had no website and no idea how… Continue reading Self-Hosting A Static Website


Lately I’ve been working through the very arduous (for me) process of learning Go for some personal projects. I selected Go because I typically use interpretted, dynamically typed languages for work, so I thought it would be a good learning experience to work with a compiled, statically typed language. To me at least, Go seemed… Continue reading JSON-to-Go

Thoughts On Apple’s WWDC 2020

Yesterday was the keynote for Apple’s 2020 Worldwide Developer Conference. Like so many things right now, the entire conference, keynote included, is virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic. In this case, it’s a blessing for the sessions since it means they’re all free for anyone to stream as opposed to being a $1500+ USD ticket.… Continue reading Thoughts On Apple’s WWDC 2020