Buy Literally Anything From Bandcamp Today

The coronavirus has been causing havoc for industries across the globe, including the music industry. Especially for small, indie artists, the revenue they make from doing live shows is vital for their ability to continue doing what they love. In the case of a global pandemic, though, all of those shows have been canceled, leaving artists struggling to make it by.

Having been social distancing/self quarantining for about two weeks now, I’ve been doing my best to live by the very wise, meaningful words of Craft Brew Geek when he told a group of us:

This is the time when we need to take care of the people who take care of us.

He said this within the context of doing what we can for local restaurants and breweries that are trying to weather this storm. There are plenty of places where we’re regulars and have been the recipients of preferrential treatment from those establishments for months or even years: getting your drink filled before other people, getting deals on your order, etc. As these businesses try to tackle the biggest threat to their very existence that they’ve ever seen, we’ve been doing our part to get carry-out food and drinks whenever possible and while leaving the most generous tips we can because every little bit helps. I’d highly encourage anyone reading this to do the same if it’s within your means.

But restaurants and breweries aren’t the only ones who take care of you. My memory tends to be pretty good, so I trust it when I recall Hayley Williams posting a message on Twitter years ago that amounted to:

Be there for music because music will always be there for you.

I tried searching for the post, but it was so long ago that I’ll never find it. The sentiment is certainly true though. Everyone has had that song that has made an event, be it a party, a roadtrip, or just a special moment with friends, unforgettable. Everyone has felt sorrow and heartache and didn’t know how they would’ve been able to get through if it wasn’t for that one song that knew exactly how you felt.

Music has had such a profound impact on my life, and I can’t imagine where I’d be without it. It pains me to see so many small artists having to cancel their shows, knowing they’re upset at having to let down their fans and worried about how they’re going to continue making ends meet and create the art we all love so much.

That’s why today is such a great day to support indie music. Today Bandcamp is waiving their revenue share on all purchases through the site. This means that 100% of the revenue is going to support artists who need it now more than ever. Dozens of artists I listen to regularly, and some of whom were mentioned in our music stats episode have Bandcamp profiles. Even if you don’t need a digital album because you always use Spotify or Apple Music, consider buying an album anyway just to help out and show some love for the people who have made such a difference in your life.

Pre-orders count as well, so you can show some support for artists with upcoming albums. Also note that most albums have a minimum price but offer you the ability to throw a little extra on top if you want. Please help out if you have the means.

If you don’t have the means, you can still help out! The payouts are garbage, but stream as much music from indie artists as you possibly can. Check out the Twitter profiles for artists you love; many have started doing online shows. For example, on her YouTube channel, Tessa Violet has been streaming what she’s coined “The Something To Look Forward To Tour”. There are still 3 shows left. Tune in for those and look for other artists who are doing the same!

Do whatever you can to support artists and musicians now because every little bit helps. It’s time that we take care of the people who take care of us.

The Unusually Pink Playlist

Do you want to listen to the dankest collection of music since my 2018 Spotify wrapped post? If your answer is yes (and really… I don’t see a single possible reason why it shouldn’t be) then you’re in luck. We are pleased to introduce the Unusually Pink Playlist. Featuring tracks loved by Brandi and I, most will be more recent discoveries as opposed to old favorites; we don’t really want to start off a brand new playlist with 10+ hours of material right out of the gate… even if it would be really good material.


Brandi and I have a lot in common when it comes to music, but we also a good bit of diversity and different methods of finding new music. We just start putting this playlist together the other day, but you’ll eventually start seeing plenty of indie, hip-hop, and EDM making the rounds along with some pop.

If you find yourself enjoying the playlist, feel free to give it a follow! Song recommendations are always welcome; hit us up on Twitter @UnusuallyPink.

The Accidentals Show

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a pretty big fan of music. I link my Spotify account to for all of the juicy statistics, and I feel like I’ve been a complete loser if my weekly report doesn’t have at least 24 hours of listening on it. One of the things I’ve never really done much of, though, is live music. I’ve wanted to start attending more events, though a bit of social anxiety can make that challenging (though it helps that many of the shows I’d want to go to are at bars… drinking making social anxiety more tolerable.)

The final push, though, came a few weeks ago when I got an email from Spotify about an upcoming show. I’ve received a few of these emails before where Spotify finds upcoming shows (relatively) close to me and recommends them. While the other shows I’ve seen before weren’t particularly enticing, the most recent email was for a show by The Accidentals. Despite the fact that they’ve been together for quite a long time, I never discovered them until late last year when a friend and I were trying to find a bunch of songs to add to our BlizzCon-themed playlist we were creating in preparation for our trip. I stumbled across their track Earthbound and immediately fell in love. Since then I’ve been through their entire library more times than I can count.

My friend graciously agreed to go with me, so yesterday we got to experience The Accidentals live. The show was nothing short of incredible; I feel like I should’ve paid more for the tickets given how amazing the experience was. All three members of the band are such talented and passionate people, playing an insane variety of instruments and doing songs in a swath of different styles.

While they didn’t perform Earthbound, I was stoked for them to play both Heavy Flag and Crow’s Feet, along with a completely acoustic version of Sixth Street at the front of the stage. I also got to experience some brand new songs they’re trying out in preparation for the TWO (!) albums they’re planning to release this year. The first will be a live album coming out in a few months, and the second later in the year will be a fully produced studio album. The show was definitely the high point of my 2019 thus far. Any music fans who happen to get the chance to see The Accidentals live should definitely jump at the opportunity and support some amazing live music.

2018 In Music: Spotify Wrapped

I’ve used quite a few streaming services for music throughout the years (I feel old remembering when Pandora was new), but Spotify is by far my favorite. The main value I see from it as opposed to similar, competing services is the amount of personalized, curated content that Spotify generates for me on a regular basis. Each Monday I get a Discover Weekly playlist with music I’ve never listened to before but which is similar to other things I’ve enjoyed. Every Friday I get a Release Radar playlist with new releases that also match my taste. These only get better over time as the service learns more and more of what I like.

Along with these weekly goodies, Spotify also does neat stuff for various milestones, and that’s especially true at the end of the calendar year. For example, each December I get a yearly playlist with my top 100 songs from the past year. It’s always an interesting listen to see how varied my tastes were throughout the year. Accompanying that is Spotify Wrapped which provides all sorts of interesting statistics about my listening. As someone who keeps Spotify tied to because I love statistics, I always look forward to Wrapped. Here are some of my interesting notes from 2018 (no pun intended.)

  • 8,131: The total number of unique songs I listened to.

  • 50,739: The total number of minutes I listened to music.

    • For those keeping score at home, that’s over 35 days.

  • My top artist was Tegan and Sara.

    • I spent 32 hours listening just to their tracks.

  • Overall top artists:

    1. Tegan and Sara

    2. Grimes

    3. Eminem

    4. Coeur De Pirate

    5. St. Vincent

  • Overall top tracks:

    1. RAP DEVIL (Machine Gun Kelly)

    2. Los Ageless (St. Vincent)

    3. 1940 – AmpLive Remix (The Submarines)

    4. Flesh without Blood (Grimes)

    5. Do You Feel It? (Chaos Chaos)

  • Overall top genres:

    1. Indie

    2. Pop

    3. Rock

    4. Dance/Electronic

    5. Hip Hop

  • I listened to “non-mainstream” artists 69% more than the average Spotify listener.

    • I have no idea what’s considered mainstream or whether Spotify is taking the “average” listener to be all listeners or only Premium accounts. Regardless, it makes me feel special.

Here’s to more music in 2019.