Apple Music: Back in the Saddle

For anyone who listens to the Same Shade of Difference podcast, you may have heard a brief discussion between Mark and I about how I had switched from Apple Music to Amazon Music. I’ve previously been a fan of Spotify, though I became increasingly irritated with the focus they started giving podcasts rather than music.… Continue reading Apple Music: Back in the Saddle

Buy Literally Anything From Bandcamp Today

The coronavirus has been causing havoc for industries across the globe, including the music industry. Especially for small, indie artists, the revenue they make from doing live shows is vital for their ability to continue doing what they love. In the case of a global pandemic, though, all of those shows have been canceled, leaving… Continue reading Buy Literally Anything From Bandcamp Today

The Accidentals Show

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a pretty big fan of music. I link my Spotify account to for all of the juicy statistics, and I feel like I’ve been a complete loser if my weekly report doesn’t have at least 24 hours of listening on it. One of the things I’ve never really done… Continue reading The Accidentals Show

2018 In Music: Spotify Wrapped

I’ve used quite a few streaming services for music throughout the years (I feel old remembering when Pandora was new), but Spotify is by far my favorite. The main value I see from it as opposed to similar, competing services is the amount of personalized, curated content that Spotify generates for me on a regular… Continue reading 2018 In Music: Spotify Wrapped

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