Even More Storage: Yearly Bonuses For Paid ProtonMail Accounts

It’s no secret around this blog or for anyone who listened to the Unusually Pink Podcast that I’m a fan of ProtonMail. While it’s unfortunate that privacy in the world of computing often comes with an associated monetary cost, the simple fact of the matter is that if you aren’t paying for your email account then chances are the provider is making money off of your data that happens to be stored in it. Google, for example, is happy to give you free email so that they can scrape your data out of it and make a comprehensive profile about your life for advertising purposes. ProtonMail takes a firm stance against this practice, and they actually do permit users to create completely free email accounts that are never scraped or monitored; their setup actually ensures that they couldn’t access the plaintext content of your email even if they wanted to. Doing this is only possible, though, because some users opt to pay for additional features and thus subsidize the free accounts. I happen to be one of those people who has been paying for a few years now both to help support the ProtonMail mission and to get access to a custom domain in my account.

ProtonMail occasionally likes to give special perks to their paid customers as a token of appreciation; I’ve written before about how they’ve given away a bonus 5 GB of storage for paid accounts. They’ve done the same thing another time since that post, giving me 10 GB of bonus storage on top of the 5 GB that comes with my paid plan. While I said at the time of my original post that I didn’t really need the storage at the moment but was happy to have the extra bits just in case, ProtonMail has subsequently stated that the storage can be shared with the upcoming ProtonDrive secure cloud storage offering once that’s available.

As another token of gratitude, ProtonMail has announced regular storage increases for paid accounts; each year that a paid account remains active, it receives 1 GB of bonus storage on the anniversary. Even better, this is retroactive. Since I’ve had a paid account for 3 years, when the initiative was implemented I immediately received 3 GB of bonus storage. I’ll get a 4th GB on my yearly anniversary coming up later this month:

The general principle is straightforward:

– When you sign up for any paid Proton plan, you are automatically eligible for Storage Bonuses.

– On the one year anniversary of your paid subscription, you will receive 1 GB of additional storage for free that can be used with your ProtonMail inbox. (In the future, your storage will be shared between your ProtonMail inbox and your ProtonDrive vault.)

– This will happen every year, and your Storage Bonuses will accumulate as long as you have a paid plan with Proton without interruption.

While the current bonus value is 1 GB right now, they say this will increase in the future, though it’s unclear if the increase is also retroactive or if it will only apply to new bonus accumulations going forward:

The current Storage Bonus is 1 GB per year, but this will be increased in the future.

The full details are available, along with a FAQ, from their support article. The tl;dr is basically that you get bonus storage every year on the anniversary of your paid account as long as you remain with a paid subscription on any Proton product. This means that if you pay for ProtonVPN but not ProtonMail, you’re still eligible for the bonus storage. That eligibility and current storage accumulation continues to apply even if you stop paying for ProtonVPN and start paying for ProtonMail (or ProtonDrive when it comes out) as long as the two periods overlap. Having a lapse in paid subscription will reset the accumulation of bonus storage.

All told, I think it’s another nice perk from ProtonMail, and with the ability to leverage the storage for ProtonDrive, a product that I’m highly looking forward to, the more storage that I can get my hands on the better.