macOS Big Sur 11.2 Homebrew and Git Error

After I upgraded my macOS install from 11.1 to 11.2, the next time I tried running brew update to update all of the packages available in Homebrew, I got a wall of text regarding things going off the rails that ultimately culminated with this error: Error: Failure while executing; git config –replace-all homebrew.analyticsmessage true was… Continue reading macOS Big Sur 11.2 Homebrew and Git Error

Switching To Brave

I spend the majority of my computing time on the MacBook Pro that I use for work. For a very long time, I’ve used Safari as my main browser on it. Unsurprisingly, Safari integrates very nicely with the rest of macOS, and I honestly just really like it as a browser. Lately, though, I’ve been… Continue reading Switching To Brave

macOS Big Sur pip Installation Error

Given that I have technological FOMO while also being a technology masochist, I upgraded my 2018 MacBook Pro to macOS 11 “Big Sur” as soon as it was available. Common sense dictates that I should have waited a while to let others encounter and fix some of the kinks prior to upgrading myself, but what’s… Continue reading macOS Big Sur pip Installation Error


Having switched to a MacBook Pro for work when I started a new job about 6 months ago, I’ve been on an interesting journey in finding new software to fit my workflow after over a decade of operating primarily on Windows for my professional computing. Given that I’ve used Linux for years at a personal… Continue reading SSHFS On macOS