Enable Directory Listing On Specific Directory With Nginx

Note: In the sample below, I’m using Ubuntu Linux as the host for my web server. The instructions should be the same for other flavors of Linux, though the path to your Nginx sites configuration files may be different. Generally when you navigate to a website, such as https://unusually.pink/, you don’t actually get to see… Continue reading Enable Directory Listing On Specific Directory With Nginx

Cloudflare Analytics

Anyone who knows me, reads the type of things I tweet about, and/or listens to the Same Shade of Difference podcast knows that I’m an advocate of online privacy. I’m all for blocking trackers, avoiding services from invasive companies like Facebook, and generally trying to keep as much of what I do online known only… Continue reading Cloudflare Analytics

Twenty Twenty-One WordPress Theme

While I made the change a few weeks ago, it seems fitting that my first post of 2021 should be about my swap to the Twenty Twenty-One WordPress theme. For anyone who isn’t aware, each year WordPress releases a new “official” theme for the platform. While theme-elitists out there may scoff at them in favor… Continue reading Twenty Twenty-One WordPress Theme

Connecting An Existing Firebase Hosting Project To A New Site

As a follow-up to my last post on GitHub Pages, I mentioned that I moved one of my websites to Firebase. Firebase is a platform from Google for creating web and mobile applications. As a PaaS offering, there are a lot of different parts to the service, but as a platform for web applications hosting… Continue reading Connecting An Existing Firebase Hosting Project To A New Site

Self-Hosting A Static Website

Earlier this week a friend reached out to me regarding a website. He had just finished developing his very first iOS game and was ready to submit it to Apple for approval. One of Apple’s myriad requirements, though, is a website containing the author’s privacy policy. My friend had no website and no idea how… Continue reading Self-Hosting A Static Website